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so what is ZERO-BOMBING?

Posted by masterhappyboy - January 25th, 2010

it's something like your submission gets reviews and fair ratings and you're on first page of a genre, then suddenly when you wake up from your lovely sleep, you'll see your song gets on the last of the last pages and you'll see your rating gets instantly low without having reviews what gets it low..

zero-bombed again...

feb.3, 2010 : edit

hmm.. let's make this a little 'official', so what is ZERO-BOMBING?

ZERO-BOMBING (jargon?)
from the two words 'zero' (a quantity of no importance) and 'bombing' (fail to get a passing grade , bombard, massive, explosive!!!!)

zero-bombing (verb) - giving an instant ZERO '0' vote on a submission without even listening or watching the full audio/flash without giving a reasonable review why they gave that vote.re

ex. "People in classical genre keeps on zero-bombing great songs."
(i just used classical genre for example. just an EXAMPLE. hahaha! )

zero-bombed (adjective) - being a victim of zero-bombing

ex. "Oh boy, my song was zero-bombed...... for the 99th time."

zero-bomber (noun) - these are the people who make our 'newgrounds' a more disappointing place to show off your skills and talents because they simply feel envious towards our works or they are just bullsh*ts - bringing down others to make their way on the top (for just a moment of time) haha.

"Are you a zero-bomber?"
"Uhmm.. yeah. so what?"
"Your mom will be proud of ya."
"Really? That's cool!"

*NOTE: All of the above mentioned definitions and used words are just my own ideas. Feel free to criticize and zero-bomb this post! haha!*

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this is so sweet!

I know dude.Its bull shit.The audio portal needs a different voting system.

haha! but all what we can do is keep improving! :)

I understand the pain. : (
Well we're so we have to do something about it. We can make a difference by doing it right. Well as they say, you can't put a good man down.

definitely right! people keeps bringing down songs that will make their submissions crap. haha :)

I think we've all been there lol -- keep making songs, keep practicing, keep doing your thing, and you'll get your turn.

Trust me.

Or don't lol.

you've got it man. let's keep improving until we make songs that will make these zero-bombers say before they vote :

"should i zero-bomb this song? am i idiot? this is the best song I've ever heard!"

yea i totaly know how it is x-x
theyr just sons of bitxes thut are full of xit and envy
they cant make a desent songs....
and dun have a life of thut matter -_-

but lets make a deal here :)
if u listen 2 this song give it a review
<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/281285">http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/281285</a>
then im gona listen 2 of ures and do the same ;]

sounds good?

btw its ambient/classic at first but the last part its trance (at least i think its trance XD)

PS...are u a FF7 fan 2? =D

you've got pretty song there pal!

yeah! i'm ff7 fan!
no rpg beats this game. haha!

the truth!

definitely! :)

Seven years approximate later and still accurate af